Athlete History

National Physique Committee 

-2008 NPC Eastern Seaboard Figure 2nd place Open

-2009 NPC Gadsden Figure 4th open & 1st and Overall Teen

-2009 NPC Teen Figure Nationals Class B 1st Place & 2nd Place Collegiate

-2009 Ft. Lauderdale Cup Figure 2nd Place Jr. 

-2010 Eastern Seaboard Figure 5th Open

-2010 Shannon Dey Classic Figure 4th Open & 1st Place Junior 

-2010 Gadsden Figure Open 5th Place

-2010 Collegiate Figure Nationals 2nd 

-2010 Alabama State Figure Open 1st 

-2012 Victory Classic Figure Open 1st

-North Americans Pro Qualifier Figure 13th 

-2013 Jr. USA’s Pro Qualifier

-2013 Team Universe Pro Qualifier

-2013 Collegiate Nationals 2nd

-2013 Coastal Open Figure 2nd

-2013 Nationals Pro Qualifier 

-2014 Charlotte Cup Women’s Physique 5th

-2014 Wilmington Classic Women’s Physique 4th

-2014 Team Universe Women’s Physique Pro Qualifier 6th

-2015 Jr USAs Women’s Physique Pro Qualifier 


-2009 Mercedes Marathon under 24 female 1st Place Boston Qualifying 

-2011 Atlanta Marathon Qualifying time 


-2017 RPS Beast of the Bluegrass Pro Total Open Raw Classic 165