A month out!

I feel progress has escalated quick going into week 4. Getting more trusting of my daily life positions and endurance sitting and using my core is coming back. Conditioning I was able to do sled drags/marches so my legs actually feel like they had a workout again. Pumps are great things. For upperbody I can floorpress which gives me hope bench is around the corner.

Upperbody and Core Progressions

1. Floor press with axle bar -floor press keeps my spine flat and takes the lower body drive out of bench. Axle bar took a few to get used to grip, but took pressure off wrists and elbow. And will build my grip strength back up quicker. 155×13, 165×10 shown, 175×6

2. Dbl arm Alternating landmine press w/ hip extension- alternate sides the bar starts on taking past your shoulder and keeping hip rotation to a minimum. Extended hips as press

3. Pallof dead bug- inhale deep and exhale all air out as pressing the cable hold at the top keeping your lower back against the ground

4. Rolls- these seem silly but work, brace core and inhale deep, exhale as you initiate the roll with opposing hip and not shoulder.

1. Box squats with counter load and mini band. Controlling pelvis to fire off the box and the mini band is used to make sure flutes and hip rotators are firing.

2. Partial RDL. This being too down over bottom up like a deadlift or rack pull variation will be easier to self identify a safe range of motion. I’m pushing my belly out with a flat back and chest. At the top I am squeezing my cheeks and not hyperextending my spine. The muscular endurance and strength of the erector a needs to come back.

3. Eccentric pit shark sumos. I’m slowly going down under control keeping torso vertical and spreading the floor with my feet under control the whole time.

4. Glute hams are coming along too!

Also been conditioning with sled drags and walks. This is requiring serious patience for me. Overall I am recovering at a great rate, and anxious for more. My legs feel good to go compared to how the nerves have been irritated all year, so I can’t wait to be able to doing working weight with the bar again and finally not feel pain. It’s amazing what all you slowly adapt to and can put up with. This is with anything physical pain, life stresses, or bad people. You adapt sometimes so long you don’t recognize a problem until the problem is gone. Boundaries exist for a reason. What you ‘put up with’ you end up with. Your own toughness can pin you into settling.

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